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Miroslav Kuťák

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7+ years of professional iOS developer experience (iOS 4-11), 20+ AppStore apps, Czech Technical University graduate.
Obj-C & Swift, strong in OOP patterns, Jenkins CI, Auto-Layout, Responsive Design, GIT, RESTful API’s, Multithreading, In-App purchases, Push Notifications, social integrations, Parse, Backendless, Google Analytics, …

Excellent English, experience in Czech, US, CA and UK startups.

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: me@miroslavkutak.com

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HomeOfficeJobs.cz2019 - Present

I founded and developed the HomeOfficeJobs.cz, a job search platform to help the Czech people to finally get real and quality jobs they can do from home. It's really a side project for me, I have people working on it so I act as an investor.

I felt the need of such a website in a market that is increasingly saturated by job offers that do not stand out. I also strongly believe in remote jobs and it's impact on new job opportunities for parents who want to spend more time with their children and companies to have a larger candidate pool. It also helps to save the planet resources - no need for the damn commute!

Senior iOS Developer

ProActive Life, Inc2018 - Present

Developing the SonicSleep app - the #1 Sleep therapy app out there. We're bringing some real value to people.


Curly Bracers2018 - Present

I manage a team of battle-hardened, top super senior, fun to work with developers and designers.

We are focusing on early-stage startups, helping them get to an MVP. Turns out that when you put together good devs, you also get to work with some fantastic clients. I am very happy about our collaboration.

Senior Mobile Architect

Sports Analytics, LLC2016 - Present

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

Movez Technologies, Inc2016 - Present

I developed the Movez App - the Ultimate Social Event Platform!

Movez hones in on the most critical factors of the social event experience. For attendees and hosts, google maps are integrated to provide a user-friendly layout of the events happening in their respective areas. For hosts, Movez provides seamless software solutions on both the web and mobile application, using technology that optimizes hosting operations while maximizing host revenues. For attendees, Movez provides a mobile application that enables them to connect with their favorite venues, hosts and attendees they encounter at the events they're attending!

iOS Expert

Codementor2015 - Current

I help fellow iOS programmers solve critical issues, mentor beginners and share my expertise on mobile development and startups.

Senior iOS Developer

AVIAL, Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada2015 - Current

Taking ownership of the iOS app FindMe, working with Parse backend, refactoring legacy Objective-C codebase, continuous integration via Bitrise.

Senior iOS Developer

Forbidd Ltd.2014 - 2015

I helped shaped the product from the beginning, getting people on board, and taking the technical lead. We failed multiple times until we finally created a sophisticated social marketing platform and a social network.

The iOS app is written in Objective-C and common frameworks like UIKit, AFNetworking, MapKit, CoreLocation, Core Data, Auto Layout, Google Analytics, Fabric etc. I also developed custom image gallery, custom camera and photo editor using graphic card powered filters by GPUImage. Custom graphics include social followers calculator graph views done in CoreGraphics. The app is using Facebook and Instagram integrations. Continuous integration is the part of the development process - at first it was Jenkins, now Bitrise. UI Automated tests were crafted in KIF. Agile development, SCRUM, shipping to AppStore almost every week the first year. I’ve also been responsible for the hiring process, growing the team from 2 people in the beginning to 12 people now.

Style InCities app is available in AppStore.

Lead iOS Developer

WDF s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic2015 - 2016

I have been leading a team of three in an international environment, working with security technologies, writing Swift code, messaging with Socket.io. We were developing a sophisticated social network.

My key responsibility was to ensure quality codebase and fast delivery in a tight time schedule. Deployments are done through Bitrise CI, task management in Trello. Fast iterations and regular calls with client ensure the project always runs in the right direction. As our client was a health startup, one of my responsibilities was to ensure security and privacy when handling sensitive information.

iOS Developer

Crazy Tomato, s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic2012 - 2014

Here I was part of a small app agency and I was involved in development of several enterprise and AppStore, iPhone and iPad apps.

My keen desire was to work with clients on the solution and make sure the apps we made meet their requirements. One of the first projects was Galerie Butovice, which is a shopping mall app. Using UI Kit, Core Data, Core Graphics for custom pseudo—3d map of the mall with selectable shops which were rendered dynamically on basis of the synchronized Core Data database. This app was designed to work fully offline, including download manager for PDF versions of the magazine, database of shops and the mall map and also public transport timetables.

Cribis Mobile app incorporates in-app purchases, restoring purchases, graphs, multiple languages and multiple data sources, data recalculations via up-to-date exchange rates, contacts, reminders, RSS feed, data caching, etc.

Hyundai Salesforce app perfects visual experience of Hyundai models on iPad, featuring comprehensive car configurator, local database synchronization and custom media gallery. mHostess is a fully configurable iPad presentation app which fetches the campaigns and prezentations to the local database, works offline and submits batches of filled forms once the internet connection is available.

Shopsel, Akční Ceny and Zlacnené are three projects from a single codebase. Apps feature REST API data fetching, Core Data storage, Core Animation.

Apps I’ve created from start to finish myself: Akční Ceny, mHostess, Shopsel (iPad and iPhone), Cribis Mobile, Hyundai iPad sales app, Galerie Butovice, Zlacněné and several promotional iPad apps for Phillip Morris. Most are still available on AppStore. I also made two HTML5 games in Cocos2d-x framework which are no longer available online.

iOS Developer

Imper.cz, s.r.o, Prague, Czech Republic2011 - 2012

I’ve cooperated on project Albert v Kuchyni for iPad. My key responsibility was to develop preloading of pdf pages efficiently, and create new components that were using them (gridview, table of contents previews). During that time I was improving my knowledge of frameworks by studying the lecture material of a C193p course on Stanford University.

Bachelors in Software Engineering

Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic2010 - 2014

The course included programming in C/C++, C#, Java, Smalltalk, Assembler and finally Objective—C, relation databases, software engineering, object modelling, POSIX threads programming, efficient algorithms, graph algorithms and complexity theory, computer networks, security, operating systems, computer architecture and user interface design. Theoretical subjects included integral calculus, automata and grammars, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics and linear algebra.

Milestones Achieved

135 Happy Clients (minimum estimate)
12000 Hours Spent by iOS programming (minimum estimate)
900 Hours Spent in Live Sessions with Clients (minimum estimate)

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